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APRIL 13-15, 2018


Infographics, data visualisations, visual story telling, call them what you will, they have become a recurring theme of the current zeitgeist. Research companies use them to make sense of big data, newsrooms tailor them to make complex stories digestible, while multinational corporations use them as a way to communicate their brand vision


The objective of this conference and workshop is to bring together an array of international professionals to share their experience and discuss the growing roles in visual journalism


SNDHK2018 will be the first international infographics event to take place in Hong Kong. The city is a vibrant, bustling metropolis straddling China and the rest of world. The former British colony’s skyscraper-studded skyline reflects Hong Kong’s position as a self-confident, outward-looking modern city cloaked in a colourful history. The one-day summit will be held at the South China Morning Post’s state-of-the-art offices in the heart of the Causeway Bay shopping district, while the weekend workshop will be hosted by the highly acclaimed Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong

List of speakers


As well as running his own studio, Javier Errea is the SND director for Mediterranean Europe, an associate professor at the University of Navarra and, coordinator of the World Summit and Malofiej Infographics Awards. His long list of accomplishments includes award-winning redesigns of newspapers on five continents


Alberto Lucas joined National Geographic as Senior Graphics Editor in 2016. He studied journalism at the University of Navarra and began his career at Spanish newspaper El Correo. He spent three years at the South China Morning Post, where he set a record of 33 individual awards at SNDs Best of News Design in 2015

Sung-hwan Jang

In 2012 Jang Sung-hwan established ‘Infographics lab 203’ in Seoul, where he publishes informative infographic posters every month. Jang built the graphics team at the Yonhap News Agency and was an art director for ‘Science Dong-A’, a magazine where he contributed many scientific graphics

Jane Pong

Jane Pong is a data visualisation journalist at the Financial Times, where she specialises in data-related information graphics. She has previously worked as a graphics editor at South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, and Reuters in Singapore. She is a co-organiser of the local chapter of Hacks/Hackers in Hong Kong


Simon Scarr is Deputy Head of Graphics for Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news provider. He is currently based in Singapore and works closely with graphics desks in London and New York. Simon and the team have been recognised with a number of prestigious awards for print and online work.

Marcelo Duhalde

Prior to joining the SCMP, Chilean native, Marcelo Duhalde, was the deputy infographic editor at the Times of Oman. Duhalde has been recognised with dozens of international awards including the Peter Sullivan best-in-show at Malofiej. His work has been published in newspapers, books, magazines, and websites in Europe, Asia and the Americas

John Saeki

As head of Agence France-Presse's Asia-Pacific graphics desk, John Saeki coordinates with regional editors and reporters. He plays an active role in the agency’s daily editorial process, designs graphics and writes content. He is currently developing a range of interactive news graphics for smartphones

Adolfo Arranz

Adolfo Arranz is one of the most respected infographic designers in the world. Arranz started out as a freelancer in Spain, then joined El Mundo newspaper before becoming a creative director for MediaCorp in Singapore. He has picked up every major prize along the way and currently helps run SCMP’s infograhics department

Yue Qiu

A data visualization journalist at Bloomberg, Yue Qiu leads a team in Asia and Europe that produces data driven graphic stories. Her work has won prestigious awards including awards of excellence from SOPA and SND. Before joining Bloomberg, she worked for investigative newsrooms ProPublica and the Center for Public Integrity in the US

Marco Hernandez

Marco Hernandez joined South China Morning Post from Costa Rica where he was the senior infographic designer for La Nacion and lecturer of Information Design at the Science and Arts University of Costa Rica. His work has been recognised with international awards from the USA, UK, Spain and throughout Asia

MinJung Kim

MinJung Kim is Asia Head of Visuals at the Wall Street Journal. Her team’s data visualisations and multimedia projects have won several SOPA and SND awards. MinJung started her career in information graphics at the Hartford Courant in the U.S. before moving to Hong Kong

Harry Harrison

Over the last two decades Harry Harrison's acerbic commentary on Hong Kong has become legendary. He sketches in pencil and completes his illustrations with dip pens attached to chopsticks. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Time and the SCMP, among others.




  • 10.00 - Begin summit
  • 10.10 - Where sketching informs data
    Adolfo Arranz South China Morning Post
    How to applying sketching and drawing to visual journalism
  • 10.45 - In praise of the humble pie
    John Saeki AFP
    How a wire agency graphics editor tackles life at the coal seam of breaking news
  • 11.20 - Coffee break
  • 11.35 - Leading the way
    MinJung Kim Wall Street Journal
    The role the Hong Kong bureau played in rethinking how WSJ visualizes stories for web and mobile.
  • 12.15 - Cartoonists draw on the news
    Harry Harrison Freelance
    A look at the nightly newspaper cartoon process and where the ideas come from
  • 13.00 - Lunch break


  • 13.50 - OK, so it’s beautiful, but does it work?
    Marcelo Duhalde South China Morning Post
    The eternal challenge of combining good content with attractive visuals
  • 14.25 - Alchemy: turning data into stories
    Simon Scarr Reuters
    How the Reuters newsroom researches and build immersive visual stories
  • 15.05 - The dynamic data of an infographic poster
    Sung hwan Jang 203 X InfographicsLab
    The process of inspiration, conceptualization and production of our monthly deliver (poster and magazine)
  • 15.35 - Building a learning curve for your readers
    Yue Qiu Bloomberg
    How to use visualizations to convey complex business stories for a broader audience
  • 16.05 - Tea break
  • 16.15 - The graphic binnacle of a nerd
    Marco Hernandez South China Morning Post
    SCMP online graphics from the backstage and lessons learned
  • 16.50 - Back to basics
    Jane Pong Financial Times
    A step back to the fundamental challenges of data visualisation design and accessibility
  • 17.30 - This is not (a graphic)
    Javier Errea Errea Comunicación and SNDE/Malofiej
    A journey into industry trends, opportunities, limitations…
  • 18.10 - On being contrarian
    Alberto Lucas National Geographic
    Embracing the counter-intuitive the best ideas are often the opposite of your first idea


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One-day Summit – April 13
Two-day Workshop – April 14 & 15
Admission includes one-year SND membership

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A limited number of rooms are available at the University of Hong Kong on a first come, first served basis. Prices range from HK$680 for a single room to HK$1,800 for a two-bedroom suite.

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The Workshop

Conducted by Adolfo Arranz, Marcelo Duhalde, Marco Hernandez and Pablo Robles

  • Participants should bring a pencil and notebook. Laptops optional
  • We will meet at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong on Saturday morning at 10.00am and split into groups.
  • Each group will visit a local place of interest a short cab ride from HKU to explore, gather information, sketch and photograph. Regroup at the Journalism and Media Centre after lunch.
  • Data and historical facts about each location will then be distributed among the teams who, under the supervision of the SCMP infographics team, will brainstorm story ideas and plan how to visualise their assigned location.
  • At the end, groups will present their work to the other groups. A special guest speaker from the Friday Summit will offer feedback and additional insights.


Coding is the buzzword associated with data visualisations, but learning to code is the easy part. After all, the Internet is awash with free videos to learn from. What is key is to understand how to apply ideas to real life situations. The workshop will be about sharing insights on how to build a high-quality visualisation by processing data, from research through to the production phase – regardless of whether the end platform is mobile phone, desktop computer, or print

The two-day workshop will be conducted in English on the weekend of April 14-15. The aim is to emphasise the thought process behind the planning, reporting and building of a successful infographic. Concepts and processes are key to the programme and will take precedence over the final product.

The first morning participants will form into teams and visit locations in Hong Kong to research and gather material before regrouping in the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of the University of Hong Kong.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their fieldwork with the help of four of the world’s top infographic designers: Adolfo Arranz, Marcelo Duhalde, Marco Hernandez and Pablo Robles. Together, while sharing their insights, they will help the teams proceed in planning a high-quality visualisation by processing data.




Founded in 1911, HKU is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong and considered one of the most prestigious universities in Asia



Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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